Air Ticketing

Alahaydar Travel manages your travel on all domestic and international flights for many airlines.

We offer the simplest service that has the backing of our professional and experienced team. You get the simplest price available as per your requirement and preference for travel.
Upon raising an inquiry, we offer you a minimum of three affordable quotes reckoning on the route and carriers operating. All the choices will include the respective rules and regulations governing each price from respective airlines.

These options are supported with efficiency, transit time, connectivity, price, route convenience, safety, furthermore as your travel policy & guidelines provided by your personal & corporate travel profile.
We have invested in the best airline reservation systems.

All flight reservations electronically merge the info to our booking system to confirm all details are captured with precision to enable error-free reservations.

Alahaydar Travel delivers on a full range of air services and reservations in Kenya including:-

  • Scheduled Airline packages, which are appropriate for business travel
  • Air charters and transfer services.
  • Chartered flights with the simplest options.